Welcome aboard dudes and dudettes...

The drill is very simple. Send as many sales as you can to "How To Make Him Desire You" between July 31st till Aug 6th(Wed 12 AM PDT, till Tuesday 12 PM PDT). The one who gets the most number of front end sales will win and will get a very cool cash prize.

That's all you really have to do, help yourself by using the links above, to get the affiliate tools.

Here is the sales page - makehimdesireyou.com

And click on the link tab above to get your affiliate link.

Here is what the top 3 affiliates will get...



Hey but what if I can't make it to the top 3? Well in that case you get an egg on your face...

Just kidding!

Don't worry, if you can make it to at least top 10, you will qualify for a cool cash prize.


Here are the details...



But wait...

What if I can send you only a few sales or maybe just 1 sale? How will this contest benefit me then?

Well, don't worry.

Every sale counts and this is why we have a raffle prize as well. At the end of the contest, we will use random.org and choose a random number. If the number which comes up, happens to be your sale number, then you will win $200.


So like I said...Every sale counts.


And what about your conversions?

I did a small promo to an older portion of my list, using my own affiliate id and honestly the results baffled me. Here is a screenshot (Click on the image to see it in full screen).


My epc from front end conversions alone is $2.47, and the conversion percentage is 7%. So this offer must have some serious legs if this is what I saw from just one mailing.

Alrighty then.

I guess this is all, and you can always email me at - affiliates@makehimdesireyou.com for any questions.

Plus, make sure you are subscribed to my stuff if you want to get contest and leaderboard updates.





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